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Hello all, I am a 46 yr old Carpenter with 3 kids , a dog and 6 bikes living in Darwin, Northern Territory in OZ. I have a 07 Sprint ST which i ride more than the Daytona so i am not a frequent visitor to this site but i enjoy checking it every couple of weeks. Other bikes include 2003 GSXR1000, 95 Ducati Monster600, 87 Kwaka KLR650 and 90 TT420 Yamaha ( 350 bored, head work etc ).
O.K, The problem is with my Tona 955i. 2003 model with twin sided swingarm that was bought 12 months ago with 9000ks on the clock. when switched off, the throttle twists with ease and snaps back to closed. After 10 minutes riding it progressively gets to the stage of not going back to idle and works like a cruise control. it is still easy to twist the throttle on and off and is smooth throughout the range. I have checked the freeplay and cable run and that the twistgrip is not fouling on barend. cables appear to be in good order .
After switching off the bike the throttle works fine again.
Anyone else have this problem or can steer me as to what to check next? Thanks ,Nev.
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