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2002 versus 2006 Sprint ST?

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I've been wanting a Sprint ST for several years and now found two good deals in the same week. One is a 2002 with 21k miles, the other a 2006 with 13k. Both have the side bags but no top case, are well maintained and in good condition. The '02 is $4500 and the '06 is $5500 (I think I could talk down both owners somewhat).

From all the reading on here I've come to the conclusion that the '02 would be probably be slightly more reliable and get better fuel economy. I'm worried about the heat insulation, luggage and brake problems on the '06, but they look so much cooler!

For background, I use a bike as my primary transportation throughout the northwest and do a cross-country most summers. I've done this on a Ninja 636, Yamaha V-Max and Honda Nighthawk and I'm looking for something stylish (for everyday), with range and comfort (long trips), and of course performance. Oh, and I live 200 miles from a triumph dealer.

What do y'all think?
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Hi Xerxes501 and welcome to the mob. DaveM and I ask all new ones to read the stickies at the top.

As far as your question, that will have a lot of comments. Personally, I bought my '02 new and haven't regretted the decision not to buy a newer model when they came out.

I've spent some time and not that much dough fiddling and she's better today than when new and didn't want to got through that again for no purpose.

I wouldn't be afraid of an '02 with 21k miles as long as the maintenance and servicing has been fully documented and rechecked. Better if it spent it's off time enclosed.

Differences are besides the clothes, the engines and running gear are basically the same with a bit longer stroke in the 1050's and the ECU is different being a bit more modern.

Other than that, not too much and what you like and deal you can do.

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The 06 is the better deal. You are worried about problems that you read on a site meant for researching problems.

Issues congregate in forums but there are thousands of Sprint owners who have zero problems.

I had an 05 and it was a wonderful machine. No heat issues, (it was warm on the legs but no more then any other faired bike) no brake issues, 350kms to reserve - 385 almost 400 to empty.

02 styling is beautiful, they are pure british lookers but value for the money on the deal you are showing, the 06
Hi Xerxes501

Like Donski I have a 955 Sprint ST, mine is an '04 which is really the same bike as the '02 (gen 2 955 engine etc).

Mine has 62,000kms of hard riding often two up with nothing of a serious nature ever showing up yet.

Either bike 955 or 1050 will not disappoint.


I've had both. I had an '01 Sprint and now ride the '05. Both had some goofy issues, but overall, the one thing you will notice is the power of the newer model.

In terms of ergo's, I think they fit exactly the same. The older side luggage can holds a full face helmet and the new can't. So, it really comes down to styling. Sounds like you liked the newer version. Go with your instinct.

Some times I would like to have kept the old one to see how many miles I could get out of her.
Exciting time for you. I had a 95 Vmax which I loved and miss. Over time I added selectable vboost (3 or 6K rpm), cartridge valve emulators & springs, frame braces, R1 brakes... you can really scrape some pegs on those beasts with a little work!

My current bike is an '00 Sprint sans-fairing. I havent rode the newer Sprint, but also love the styling, and with the 2 options in front of you, I'd go for the newer bike. Aside from looking better, i think it'll hold it's value more so than the oldgen. I can't imagine the fuel efficiency will be drastically different. But go with your gut on which you like more... either way I think you'll be quite happy.
Test rides

Thank you all for the great info. I'm going to go ride them this weekend (for as long as they'll let me!) and I'll let y'all know what happens.

It's not that I'm specifically concerned about any of those particular problems on the '06, btw (I can learn about them on the test ride)...more that I will be riding whichever I get until death do us part, and I find it telling that there are some issues people complain about with the new generation but virtually none with the 2nd gen 955 (after it's been tuned a bit).

I think I'll be happy on either, though. And it's going to be a fun weekend!
I've got an '03 that I've done cross country and daily commutes with. The only place where I noticed heat issues that are discussed on the forum was going through Alabama where the ambient temperature was 104-108 F. Other that that it's been a great ride. I also like the fact that the side case will hold a full face helmet as the bike doesn't have a helmet ring. I can't speak for the '06, but as long as you have a good maintenance history on the '02 I doubt you'll be disappointed. Good luck with your purchase and welcome aboard.

Both! Brilliant!

Lino, I think you may have hit on a solution! If only I had more room in my stable, and more $ in my bank account...
I know that styling is a personal issue but I've owned my 02' Sprint ST since new and I still love the look of it. It makes excellent real world power and is a much better bike than I am a rider!! Plus, it gets excellent gas mileage to boot! Another thing, where I live, the insurance is more expensive as soon as the displacement goes over 1000 cc's and that also appeals to my cheap side!! Don't worry about being far from the dealer because either bike will be very dependable and if you need some advice, this site will provide a wealth of information.
Welcome to the forum. :)

They are both great bikes. I preferred the half fairing myself as there is no heat on the legs to speak of, but given the choice I'd got the 955i as I prefer the styling.

Both are reliable (to most) and have few if any idiosyncrasies. Good luck with the test ride but be warned - once you get a triple between your legs there is no turning back. :D you'll be hooked.
I have an '03 and the bags are really a plus. If I only had one bike, the fact that the newer bags won't hold a helmet would make me stop and think. Also, the older Sprints have a little longer wheelbase that seems to translate into a little more room when riding 2-up. Otherwise I think those are good prices and if it was local I would probably but the '05 in a New York minute (but I would keep my '03).

I know, I'm no help!
I have an '03 and the bags are really a plus. If I only had one bike, the fact that the newer bags won't hold a helmet would make me stop and think. Also, the older Sprints have a little longer wheelbase that seems to translate into a little more room when riding 2-up. Otherwise I think those are good prices and if it was local I would probably but the '05 in a New York minute (but I would keep my '03).

I know, I'm no help!
I read the prices on used Sprints and I feel like I got a great deal on my new 955. I paid $6500 for a brand new '01 ST back in 2005.

It's the second 955 I've owned, I totaled my '00 Sprint. I love the styling (better than the 1050), the reliability, the handling and have no issue with a little less horsepower. I had an opportunity late last year to get a new 1050, again at a great price. Why bother?
By the way it's only 5hp difference between the Gen 2 955 ('02-'04) and the 1050 mill.


Yeah, Lugan, the V-Max is fun. I've only slightly modified it and I already scrape the pegs. I'm not very big and it actually seems to handle better with a woman on the back...or maybe I just like to think so! ;) But it's unbelievably fun destroying 600 sportbikes who think they're fast. I repainted my "intake" cowlings flat black and it's a fairly unobtrusive runner....until it gets to screaming through its Cobra slashcut 4-into-4.

This thing with the Sprints is awesome but almost annoying...I've seriously been looking almost daily for 2 years for a good deal one one and now they both show up at the same time. The horrible dilemmas life presents! :rolleyes:

My good friend obsessed with his highly customized Triumph TT is beside himself with a mixture of excitement/jealousy.
I have owned both, I had a 03 for several years then traded for a nice 06, after less than one year I sold it and found another 03. I know some folks say there is no heat problem but mine would turn my thighs red after a hour on a hot day, not so with the 03. Other than the heat I liked the 06 better. bete.
This is a good read as I am looking into getting a ST as well. I am just not sure which version. Currently, I have a TT600 which has been great and I am in no hurry to sell but I want something a little more touring and easier to ride two up.
If you ride alot at night go with the 955. The lights couldn't be worse than the 05+
Test rides

I put another 800 miles on my VMax in order to put about 30 miles each on the two Sprints this weekend. Most surprising was that there were no surprises. Both fine machines that would make me happy. The '02 was slightly more comfortable, and is better equipped with a nice tank bag, a couple windshields, etc. The owner of that one was also better with maintenance. The '06 had been laid down at low speed (thus the price, now down to $4900!) but has been repaired to like-new. As I'd expected, I found the '06 much sexier--and much more of a steal--but as I was riding it I couldn't help but think that the '02 just felt more right somehow.

And I would already have bought the '02 (now down to $3900), but the left side fairing has been airbrushed with a 2-foot long painting of 1960's Batman! Why, oh why?! So I told both owners I'll get back to them early this week. After making a list of all the mods each would need for my cross-country, and pricing out the handlebar risers I'd need to make the '06 comfortable, and talking to a local bodyshop about painting over a superhero, I'll make my decision and go pick it up next weekend.
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