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Hello fellow triumph lovers :smile2:

i am Sigour, 27 years old and from belgium.
After buying a suzuki VX800 Vtwin last year i developped a passion for driving a motorcycle, but unfortunately not for the bike :grin2:
i didnt have to search long for alternatives since i LOVED my dad's speedtriple 1050 from 2007, just like with cars i dont give alot about prestations and topspeeds (for the same money you can buy a 300kmph suzuki for sure) but i like torqy and a sporty feeling :wink2:
so much i immidiately put up the VX800 for sale and started saving for a speedy this winter.
unexpectedly my dad put up his own speed triple for sale this week so i bought it ofcourse, cant have a better one since he has always driven it on torque rather than RPM, and he is a mechanic for profession so its kept in mechanical topcondition.

BUT... i have one big question about this bike : all speed triples starting from 2005 have at least 130PK/95KW according to the specs scheets i found, but mine (god i love to call it mine :grin2:) has 106pk/75kw on its papers, does someone have any idea why? was it a factory option for lower taxes? and is it possible to have triumph itself unlock it to 130? i dont like chiptuning much :frown2:

have a nice and safe day to all of you!

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