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Hey guys! so im taking my beloved tona on a cross country trip in a few weeks, and i was trying to figure out what this clicking noise (or tapping noise) is through aprox 4k to 7k in each gear. I am certain is is not a chain noise! The valves have not been adjusted in a long time. She has always been a rough runner at low rpms, hard start, and rough loud idle. i really cant wait to get these valves right and sync the carbs, i can actually see that the butterfly valves are all at different positions. The clock is at 24k (purchased at 12k with no solid history, looks like the first time the valve cover was removed) and here is what i found:

Almost all of the valves are within spec except the two intake valves on cylinder number 1. They have no clearance at all! im hoping the clicking is not the valve hitting the piston, uh-oh! more than likely they are just staying open to long and causing the tapping noise when the combustion leaks back into the intake and out the throttle body, which would also explain why it gets louder when i open the throttle more. Also hope this isn't burning up the valve seals (the bike doesn't seem to eat much oil so maybe not...)

So i guess my main question is why are the intakes on this cylinder so out of whack? should i just proceed and put some thinner shims in there? I don't have the valve adjuster tool so i will be removing the cams completely to do this. Just looking for some friendly speculation as to what harm has been done over the past few thousand miles or if the head should be removed and inspected.

Also, thoughts on fuel additive to clean up carbon under the valves? will this affect valve clearance? although carbon build up would increase valve clearance, correct? sorry for asking so many questions at once, maybe i just need someone to tell me it'll be fine.

thanks in advance!
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