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1996 Trident 750 For Sale - How Much?

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Hi guys!
Its been a fun for a while, but my Trident is too big. It won't live comfortable in my garden and short of buying a new house, there is no where to keep my Trident 750. It's living miles away at my parents house (they have a garage, my flat has not) and I can never find enough time to ride it. My previous ride (a tiny honda I could get up and down steps) lived at home with me so I could commute on it and take extanded rides home everyday, and i really miss doing that. Its getting me down!
So, my Trident must go to fund a smaller machine. But for how much? I bought it at a steal for £650 because it needed a new exhaust, I ve done this, replace all the pads and the oil and filter, just the usual really. I've had a go repainting small bits where the black engine paint has peeled, but it does still have a chip in the tank. I think apart from this, its in pretty good condition. Its a 1996 and its done just under 25000 miles. How much should I ask for it? (I'm in the uk, I know its not the 'in' season for selling bikes).

View attachment tridnet.pdf

I'm aware that the bike has been resprayed in its past, and has none standard rear plastics (later ones for the year) but it looks like a top bike and runs like a dream. All the documents are present and correct and it has some service history.
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Thanks Matt,
there are very few places listing prices for 750s.
Now I know!
Not a problem and hopefully you`ll get a decent price as there are more bikes out by the day up here in Scotland :cool:
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