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1976 T140v slow rebuild

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Hi all,

I'm finally getting on with rebuilding the T140v I've had for years, a house restoration & so forth seemed to get in the way for a while.

I'm only at the stage of sending bits off for work I can't do & to that end I need to know the correct OD of the fork stanchions. I've a suspicion they were rechromed undersize before as when I got the bike & they didn't show any wear the fork seals never sealed properly, so I'd like to let the chromer know the correct size to do them.

I've got this info somewhere in the manuals, but I've yet to locate them so this would let me get things started while I search them out.


PS, pic from when it was in one bit & working a few years ago, just for attention.
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Nice special with some cool mods. Thanx for posting a new build thread.

I knew it wasn't a 100th anniversary US Secession model, so I fixed the title.
Have a few more random build pics just to fill the thread up.

View attachment 749201
If you assembled those cases without first smearing the flange sealing compound and removing any excess, you now have sealant debris inside your cases, that can, (and probably will) clog up your critical oilways. At the top rear of the crank seems to be a "bead" of the material that is not even on the case lip... (I hope I'm wrong)
Have a few more random build pics just to fill the thread up.

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I sure like a good street tracker...
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I have the exact same bike and I am interested in see how the rear sets are going to work with the kick starter. Cool build really like the triple clamps also.
All you need is a folding right side peg and you won't have kickstart issues.
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