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My 6T did the same thing at least 4 times.
First time I thought it was just age so replaced stator and rotor, did not last long
Next time thought it was penalty for buying cheap Chinese copy so I purchased genuine Triumph stator and rotor, assembled them very carefully using feeler gauge to check for correct clearance which was finally achieved by easing the stator mounting bolt holes. Same result so started thinking of possible causes and came up with a theory. I had been experiencing rapid primary chain wear which I attributed to the fact that the typical leaky Triumph primary chain case was causing a dry running chain so started using an oil modifier (Moreys) which seemed solve the chain problem except the lacquer in the Moreys quickly built up on the rotor and/or stator and "glued" them together, Result self destructing alternator components, I changed to "normal" oil and had no further problems. The rapid chain wear was being caused by sprocket mis-alignment due to the pre-unit engine and gearbox being installed in a twisted frame. My problem is not electrical
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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