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17"rear wheel

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will a daytona/speedtriple/trophy rear wheel fit my 93 trident? it has a 18" one
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As you may know, the Sprint upto VIN 16921 shared the 6-spoke Akront wheels along with the Trident. Then from VIN 16922 the Sprint was fitted with the 3-spoke Brembo 17" wheels (as fitted to the Speed Triple, etc....). This change also happened mid-VIN range to the Trophy and Daytona.

I have seen several 'older' Sprints "updated" with the later 3-spoke Brembo wheels - so the answer to your question is YES, it can be done.

I am not sure if it is a straight swap, or if it is more involved. Unless somebody else replies, I would contact Sandy at Triumph'ant - they have offered several T300 models with a cross-mix of wheels. (See Triumph'ant ).

If it helps, I can send you some part fiche snaps for the Sprint showing both wheels & fittings? Send me a PM with your email address, so I can send you a Word attachment. However, you should get a straight answer from Sandy.

Hope this helps?

Please update this thread with any information you find out. Thanks.


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I believe you'll find the swap is a straight one, however although the spindle, adjusters and external spacers are the same it would be a good idea to get complete wheels i.e with bearings and internal spacers and in the case of the rear wheel, the sprocket carrier. If you do that, you'll have no problems, I'll be my Great Grannies Rocket III on it :-D
You could probably find one over on that side of the pond cheaper than the shipping to send it, but if not, I have a rear wheel in good shape with a good tire, inner spacer and bearings. It does not have the carrier or a disc I would let go for a decent price.
I have fitted Sprint wheels to my 97 Trident, had them powder coated as they were matt black with scabby patches from salt corrosion. A straight swop, bike handles much the same as before. 80 mph in 6th is now 100 rpm higher.

Go for it!
Hi, Have just replaced my Trident wheels with some 3 spoke wheels off a Daytona. no problems fitting went straight in without any mods. Hope this is of help to you.

Regards Rupert :razz:
Ha! I've been wondering for ages just why it is that my Trident takes a 46 tooth sprocket when everything else seems to take a 43, & further wondering why I occasionally see Sprints listed as using a 46, but usually see them as 43s. I guess 17" vs. 18" wheels is it...

(Might not be news to anyone else, but it did solve a little mystery for me.)

Hi Kit,

Thanks for your post, I had not connected the ratio change.

Fyi, another change happened too, and that is the chain length dropped from 112 to 110 links.

We are talking 900cc models only here with the sprocket ratios. (The 750, 1000 & 1200 models are different again).

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