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Out here, mopeds are very very popular. When I say moped, I mean the little 50cc scooters. When I moved out here my friends urged me to get one as a cheap and easy when to get around. I ended up buying one that had a bore-kit installed, which upped it to 108cc. It wasn't long before I got pulled over, going 68. The cop gave me the 2nd degree about how it's not made to do this.

I had always wanted to learn to ride a bike, so I decided to sell the moped and learn to ride a proper bike, and to learn to do it safely. I took the MSF and bought a 2007 Ninja 250. I knew this to be a great learner bike, and I wanted to make sure I was learning to ride safely. I got a full set of gear, read some books, watched Twist of the Wrist and started to lean. Lee Parks came out and did his Total Control course, so I did that as well. After about 6mo I upgraded to the baby I love and ride today, my 2013 white Street Triple R.

There's only so many roads out here, but I'm hearing rumors of a track being built, so I'm excited about that. I have so much more to learn and I'm excited to be part of this community!
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