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Hi Guys, just want to put out there to the brains trust a perplexing issue I have.....

My 2014 Trophy has done about 20,000ks and for the last 3k or so I have noticed the cam chain rattle at start up taking longer to disappear. it's last service was about 2k ago.

As the rattle would disappear the general consensus was that the hydraulic tensioner was probably the culprit so I have now put in a new tensioner as well as another fresh dose of Castrol but alas the rattle is still there. What perplexes me is why does the rattle always totally vanish once the engine is up to full operating temperature?? When the motor is under load no rattle but as soon as I coast off the throttle I'd heard the noise.

I would assume that if the chain etc was stretched that it would rattle all the time, as per other experiences. So I am left wonder... What is so special about the engine temp that it would stop the noise.

Oh,,,, I live in Brisbane Australia and its summer here so cold starts aren't COLD.

Any thoughts?

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