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1050 S3 Radiator Fan

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For those riding the S3 in warmer climates such as Australia / South Africa & California. Do you find that the radiator fan seems to come on far too frequently -- particularly when in town? Now that Summer is upon us here in the southern hemisphere, it is becoming all the more apparent... After coming off a long freeway ride home from work, the fan comes on virtually as I come to the first stop street!

Please give me your experiences on this one...
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I am in Kansas, USA and my fan runs alot when it even thinks about being hot. Never have gone over 6 bars though, if in doubt, wrap your headers! The headers put a lot of heat in your radiator.
Header wrap is a fiberglass cloth about 1-2 inches wide, comes in rolls. You basically wrap it around the header tubes, one at a time, clamping the ends. The idea is to insulate the pipe, keeping the heat on the inside.
I am an advocate of wrapping headers no matter what they are made of. And the temp is displayed in bars so it is quicker to read at a glance, less to think about.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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