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1050 S3 Radiator Fan

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For those riding the S3 in warmer climates such as Australia / South Africa & California. Do you find that the radiator fan seems to come on far too frequently -- particularly when in town? Now that Summer is upon us here in the southern hemisphere, it is becoming all the more apparent... After coming off a long freeway ride home from work, the fan comes on virtually as I come to the first stop street!

Please give me your experiences on this one...
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I will second the Engine Ice recomendation! Itsw the only thing I use in the desert..... trust me..... I know hot riding. Southern California low deserts in late july are BRUTAL! Go through my camelback within an hour.... oh ya... and dont stop.... the wind is the only thing that keeps your body cool under the armor. Goodway to pass out and die out there. on the plus note.... youre the only guy riding!

So ya, engine ice. You wont regret it!

Also, its my understanding that its enviromentally friendly so you can use it in off road races and such. If I recall, District 38 in SoCal required enviro friendly coolant.

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