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1050 gas gauge issue

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I have run into the first issue with my two week old ST. The gas gauge does not read correctly. On the first tank of gas the gauge went from half full to one bar in less than 5 miles. I was a bit concerned, but decided to fill up and see if things would get better. Today I left my house with four bars shows and when I got to work there where two bars and the llow fuel light was on. When I left work the gauge showed over half a tank. I rode for about 25 miles and the gauge never dropped below half full and the low fuel light never came on. I stopped for gas and was able to put in 5.11 gallons so I was basically running on fumes. Any ideas what might be causing this problem?

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The gauge is non-linear as are the pre 05's. I have noticed that with a fill up the bike will run forever without the gauge moving, then it's rate of drop becomes nearly exponential. I have found that the distance to empty gauge is pretty spot on...I've had fill-ups of 5.28 gallons, lol. when the distance to empty gauge gets to about 15 miles I start sweating bullets. Try to get some in the 20 mile range or more and you'll be least I am on mine.

The low fuel light does come on at 2 or 3 bars, usually 2. I don't know why yours showed two bars that day and then acted "normally" later. Maybe a fluke. As with all computers, if something seems weird, reboot.

I will say that operating with 2-3 bars of fuel (only) is probably not the best idea, they do go faster than the top of the gauge.

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