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10 questions... Speedmasters... modifications

Question 1

I have seen some customized Triumphs with T-bars (no risers needed) in everybar style, so I know they can be fitted... WHICH ONES fit W/OUT modification...slap it on using the same mount holes for the risers...?

Question 2

I noticed many triple tree assemblies online (mostly eBay) that are less than the price of a replacement lower yoke through my Triumph service department any Harley triple trees or any other triple trees interchangable w/out mods... or with a simple mod that won't cost me a fortune??? Maybe, if so, it would even solve the T-bar issue because, let's face it... you can't SNEEZE without splattering aftermarket/custom bars for Harley

Question 3

Back to the bars... if I end up going the riser route... I found a Triumph with a smooth cylindrical riser that curves about 45-55 degrees in angle over a sweeping 6-8 inch riser bar that with a rotated or different bar style could work VERY well... anyone know what I am describing and where to find them for purchase...or suggest any other lesser known risers out there?

Question 4

What is the measurement from center to center of the Riser mount holes on the 02-07 Speedmasters/Americas, that might help me find T-Bars

Question 5

I need to replace the headlight housing but I don't feel like paying nearly $200 of my damage claim check just to put it back the way it was stock... any good headlight assemblies (housing, lens...everything) that can be directly mounted with minimal difficulty? Any Suggestions at all? I kinda want an HID Wave headlight or "E.T. Light" or convert to a dual light setup with a drillable bracket...

Which lead to question 6!

Can the bike handle two headlights without updating any lighting/power relays or fuses or whatever? Or would I have to add wires/rewire

Question 7 what tailight assemblies are recommended for custom application... I am going to chop the rear fender and want to drill for a laid down license plate and aftermarket taillight... was even thinking maybe of doing the Brake/Run light license plate frame and the Hard Bags (instead of bobbing probably as I think a bobbed fender make look kinda odd with hard bags hanging down beside it) with built in LED turn signals from or even a simple universal hardbag.... if I can find one bigger than 17" on length

Which leads to question 8!

Can ghost brackets or any universal brackets be used to make big hard bags like some of those for choppers or Harleys or whatever fit onto my speedmaster? or are any of the Hard Bags directly interchangable... lol probably not.

Question 9

Not an interchangable question... but... is there anyway to modify the shorty OR the stock long silencer to be louder but maintain backpressure? I was thinking... can I simply rip out the baffles or unpack them and reweld them in... or what? go to a chopper shop and see if they can make me some bolt ons that just have a reverse cone or something??

and final question... for this thread :p

Am I insane, or WHAT???:Devil3:


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