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Since it will be at least a week before I can find a 07 Tiger to sit on would someone be kind enough to describe the seating position of the Tiger as opposed to the Ducati Multistrada? Also if someone has ridden both bikes could you describe the power compared to the 1100 Multistada which I have ridden. thanks

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On 2007-01-28 20:22, HGaither wrote:
Since it will be at least a week before I can find a 07 Tiger to sit on would someone be kind enough to describe the seating position of the Tiger as opposed to the Ducati Multistrada? Also if someone has ridden both bikes could you describe the power compared to the 1100 Multistada which I have ridden. thanks
First off, I'm a huge DUC fan...two are sitting in my garage.
But, the Multistrada has never felt "right" when I pulled a leg over it .... and never got past that. I'm 6'1" and about 210lbs... it just felt too compact for me...
Maybe some of that comes from the fact that I was riding a BMW R1200GS at the time (when everything was feelin' rather small)???
I've ridden the 06 Tiger (and purchased it this week), and I've sat upon the 07 Tiger - both, for me, felt much larger and comfortable for a long ride...
But, again, that's just me...
The proof is in the pudding.... or, in this case, the riding....

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It's been over a year since I traded in my Multistrada, so my memory is a bit sketchy. For some reason, the Multi felt great in the showroom, but I never felt really comfortable on it. I'm about 6'2", and it always felt good when I first started out on it, but I think it was the hand/arm position that didn't feel right after a while. It was upright like the Tiger, but didn't that seat always made me feel like I was sitting on top of it. I didn't trade in my '05 Tiger because I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do 10 hour days on the '07 like I could on the '05, and the Tiger is the bike I travel on. I was wrong, the new one is more comfortable and puts me in a perfect riding position, upright but with a very slight lean forward. Wish I had a better explanation for you, but at 66 I struggle to remember what day it is sometimes (retirement is a wonderful thing).

I think the thing that I never got used to on the Multi was the engine. Even after I changed the gearing, it was still pretty tall, and that bike needs to be above 4k before the engine feels responsive. Much different with the Tiger, it pulls good from 2k on up, with a very even spread of torque. For me, the Tiger just feels more powerful. Also, the Multi never felt really solid to me, like the Tiger does. Even though the Tiger shed a few pounds in the current configuration, it feels very substantial.

I know opinions vary greatly on these matters, the fellow that got my Multi really loves it, and I greatly respect his opinion on bikes, but I never bonded with it for some reason. I honestly can't say anything bad about the Multi (except for the damned kickstand), it's a really good bike, I just never fell in love with it.

You really should try the new Tiger, I think it's a great all around machine. I've only got a little over 1k miles on mine, (the flu bug and bad weather have kept me inside) but I'm already pretty convinced it will be hard to beat for my purposes. Ask playinthestreet, he's coming off a Sprint ST, and seems pretty excited after his first few miles.

Hope this makes sense and helps a little, I'm better at talking than typing.

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I was riding Multistrada during bike show, when I was choosing between Tiger 06 and Multistrada 06.
Seat was ok, but not good enough. Handlebars position was a bit strange, I did not feel very comfortable. Engine was relatively strong, but only above 4.000 rpm ...
What I did not like was air cooled engine on such bike.
What I liked was bike performance in corners. But as one of my friends said, sometimes it was very unpredictable and he already had one accident. Bike ended as unrepairable.
What I liked was Multistrada design.

Tiger design was not as much good as Multistrada one, but still very good. Tiger seat was very comfortable, handlebar position just perfect. Engine was something I have not seen before. So powerful from low rpm. Just excellent.

Now I have Tiger 2006 for 6 months. I would say that I am really satisfied with it.

On Friday I have visited Duc. dealer for tire purchase for my Tiger (12000 km on clock already).
I have again seen Multistrada, but I felt that the design is just terrible .... Good design for last year maybe, but this year it seems it is just 'old'
In other hand I still love design of other Duc. bikes, like monsters or 999's :) Design of these models is not so much 'futuristic' as Multistrada, so they will not get 'old' that much fast.

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In the market for another bike my short list was the new Multi or the new Tiger.

I bought a 2005 Tiger, in August 2004.

Over the next 18 months I put about 14k on the Tiger (I have a TBird Sport for around town and short weekends).

This past July I bought a 2004 Multistrada and in my opinion it ran and handled much better.

Unfortunately, September 11, when a camper cut me off about 30 miles north of the Grand Canyon I ended up totaling the Multi.

I have decided on the 2007 Tiger and ordered an ABS version to be delivered in March..

I expect the bike to be everything I need it to be!

The short comings I found on the Multi -

1. To take the seat off you have to remove the Gas Tank. This is not a problem unless you want to change the seat as there is nothing under the seat but the top of the Tank. I changed mine to a Corbin and it was a 6 hour job.

2. (not really a big deal) The tank is a two level tank and the gas level sensor is in the top level so when the guage reads empty you still have about 2.5 gallons of gas in the lower section (just look at it as a 2.5 gallon reserve).

3. A number of Multis have a bad front end (wheel) shudder under hard braking (cause unknown). Mine had it and I changed the rotors, pads, lines, etc and lessened it but never actually got rid of it.

4. I had a hard time around town on the Multi. On the highway, 50 mph and above it was a great bike, one of the best I have owned. Around town, 30-40 mph, I had a tough time finding a gear that was comfortable. It seemed to be bogging or, if I down shifted, the least throttle input seemed jumpy and jerky. I changed the front sproket to 14 tooth and this helped a little with little effect on highway riding, but still never really comfortable.

As long as you were just accelerating through these speeds to get above 50 and hit the open road it was great but it was just tough riding around town.

I never had that problem on the Triumph 955 or 885 engines.

The new Multi 1100 with the new wet clutch in the 2007 may have addressed this problem, but I think the triple engine will be better for just all around riding.

I decided on the Tiger because it is cheaper, I can get ABS as an option, and that great Triumph Triple triple. With 17” wheel’s, improved steering geometry and more horsepower I expect it be what the Multi is, only better across the board.

Living along the Gulf Coast, I also like the fact that the Tiger is wet cooled.

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