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I tested a few things.
Battery is pumping around 12 v
But there is no power going to cylinoid. Does any body have any advice???? It ran fine when I tested it out. I am so lost/bummed out right now.
Thank you
I have no idea what a cylinoid is but whatever it is, it sounds like it should have power going to it. Online diagnosis is hard, so check the fuses, then get a simple 12v tester (the type with a crocodile clip a wire and a screwdriver that lights up) and start at the cylinoid and work your way back to the battery.

We aren`t allowed to pass PDF`s of wiring diagrams from workshop manuals around as it breaches copywright but if you feel a wiring diagram would help and drop enough hints about needing one, there is a distinct possibility that one might turn up in your PM box.

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