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Sorry, don't know if the wiring is different or not, but I'd check first that the sender float is not stuck (or the breather tubes on metal tank are getting on the way). Also when I debugged a faulty sender a few years back I noticed that the fuel light changes state only if bike has travelled a small distance. I presume this is to prevent light flickering on/off when fuel is at threshold.

Might also be worthwhile to measure the sender unit with a multimeter. The resistance should change smoothly across the range (~15 to 130 Ohm) and not just jump between few values. The sender is quite a flimsy piece of chinese engineering, so it does not take much to break one.

If all else fails there is also the possibility that the sender output range has changed on later bikes, rather than the wiring. Hard to doublecheck with a multimeter if you don't have a newer sender at hand.

Only 2 wires going to the sender so if you had to change connectors or play with the wiring at some point, I'd also just try the wires the other way around.
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