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So I recently purchased an 07 America from a local dealer with 9k miles. The previous owner spent a pretty penny putting aftermarket exhaust and some badass keihin fcr39 flat slide carbs from Sudco. Before I purchased the bike, I ran it a bit and decided it made WAY to much noise, so I had the dealer put the stock exhaust on and re-jet the carbs. Heres where the problem lies; I am not sure if he actually rejetted the carbs instead of lazily adjusting the fuel air ratio.. It was stalling at long lights, so I brought it back and they 'made it right.' well today I was going 85 mph down the highway and it started to buck and act like the carbs were flooded,like it wouldn't accept more throttle. Pulled over, rotated the carb adjuster counter clockwise and started it, got 2 miles down the road, same thing happens, pull over turn again counter clockwise, check my gas, flipped to reserve, made it to work (another 6 miles). I'd like some suggestions? Should I put stock carbs on and sell the rattlesnakes or should I rejet? Would I need a fuel manager? What do I need to do to calibrate these carbs correctly?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, tryig to decide if its worth it to dyno and diagnose or just put stock on.
-new guy (ian)
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