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On 2006-11-28 11:27, sprintamx wrote:
86gn: I've ridden approximately 200 miles since the change. While this is no great distance or time, the big difference is that there is no pressure loss whatsoever. Prior to the change, I was experiencing pressure loss during any period when the brakes were not being used: overnight, during the day, even during a ride! Even after two piston cleanings and reseatings, and two bleedings, I still experienced this pressure loss. The brakes would work, but only if I constantly pumped, squeezed and held the brake lever to build pressure. That is now gone.

Will it last? Time will tell. But, so far, the brakes have a much different, much stronger "feel" with no pressure loss.

Good job. I made the same change, with a slightly different MC (16mm Brembo Radial) and after 1000 miles the brakes are still very strong and consistent, as they should have been from new.
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