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I purchased an 06 Sprint with about 19000 miles on it. The previous owner had installed a PC III. I believe exhaust and air intake are stock. Based on what I have read through searches it appears you really don't need this extra hardware on the bike. So I am not sure why it was installed.

My dilemma is this: I do not ride this like a hard core sport bike. I enjoy riding well within my limits. I am not aggressive as this is my first bike with more than 50HP. I commute on it regularly 60 miles each way. So the key "performance" factors for me is gas mileage and longevity.

According to the trip computer I am getting over 50mpg. However, when I calculate it, it is really more like 40mpg. Is this difference just an error in the trip computer or is it a function of the remapping being done by PC? Is there something that could be done with the PC to improve gas mileage? Or maybe I would be better off disconnecting it and going back to stock?

The bike runs great however it is a little hard to start. Especially when it is cold out. I have to crank on the starter for about 5 - 7 seconds. Is this normal as well?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Again this is my first EFI bike so remapping is foreign to me.


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