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05 Sprint, Connector in the Glove Box

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Does anyone know the purpose of the connector located in the glove box of the 05 Sprint ST. I think it's for the GPS or some electronics but it's not connected to anything. It just sit ons a plastic stand.

Second question does anyone the color code for the wire connected to the connector?

Thank you

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OBD-2 and OEM diagnostics, ECU firmware load.

Pin 1 Orange ABS diagnostic data
Pin 4 Black Ground
Pin 7 Blue/Green ISO data to/from ECU
Pin 16 Purple +12V Unswitched
Gee CLB,
that's pretty impressive.

I knew the answer of course just seeing if you all could remember :-D :-D

DaveM :cool:

Ok Don I didn't know the answer really :horns:
Thank you for the information CLB

And if you are looking for the GPS connector its under the headlight with 2 wires coming out of it that stop after 2 inches. They can be accesed without taking things to bits. (just) :hihi:

Do you have a picture of this connector? The only spare connector I've found is a 3 wire under the left head light. It canb e access from underneath the fairing.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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