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I was working on my R6 this AM getting ready for a couple of track days in the spring. It has a bad fuel pump.

I used the Sprint tank to test the R6 as both pumps are mfg'd. by Denso and they have the same fuel line fittings and pump power connectors. R6 ran fine on the Sprint tank, by the way.

Anyway, Yamaha uses a very cool fuel line safety clip on the fuel line. Several people have mentioned they have had problems feeling confident the fuel line connection is secure. The clip is designed in such a way thay it will not go on unless the fuel line is fully seated, and once the clip is in place the line is captured and can't come off.

Of course I asked myself why Triumph had not put one of the same on the Sprint. Why they chose not to do so is anyone's guess, but displays very poor judgement, IMO. The cost of the clip to the manufacturer couldn't be more than a few cents.

So I'm going to put one on my bike, and I thought you all might find the information useful

Here is the part number:

Yamaha from Ron Ayers:
Parts found with Part Number: 90464-16005-00
Description CLAMP
Price $4.91

Bike Bandit
904641600500 CLAMP $6.33
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