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I noticed the new ECU tunes are up on the TuneBoy website.
Just for grins :-D I decided to compare them.

Seems the 07 is quite a bit leaner in the midrange and low end. It seems to run a fair amount more timing as well, although I really don't understand the difference between the various ignition tabs in TuneBoy.

20104 is stock tune for the 05/06 machines.
20113 is stock tune for an '07

20104 is a 231 kB file while 20113 is 308 kB. That seems consistent with the claims of more memory in the 07 ECU.

The screen shot jpegs below are about 230 kB each so I have listed them as links.

05/06 AF Ratio
I don't see how this ever goes closed loop. The targets are quite a bit out of narrow-band range.

05/06 Timing

07 AF Ratio

07 Timing

Maybe interesting, maybe not. It's Friday night and I really should have something better to do. :???:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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