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03 Sprint suspension mods

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The bike is due for its 60,000km service and I want to refresh the suspension as I'm beginning to get a bit of wallowing at the rear. I will get the forks and shock rebuilt rather than replaced and was wondering if anyone else has been down this route and if anyone has any recommendations or suggestions.

It's a daily commuter with occasional weekend two-up day rides and a few two-up long trips on the horizon. I'm in the 84 kilo range, my wife refuses to divulge her weight.

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Hi TripleTreat,
I havent doen that yet but I intend to in the future.

I have already spoken to motorcycle suspension specialist in Brisbane here who has upgraded many Sprints.

His recommendation was a heavier single rate spring in my case a 1.0 (I weigh 100kilos neked) with valve thingos fitted.

You can rebuild the stock rear shock, here it would cost me around $650.00 AUD to have him do the work.

He recommended though an after market rear shock would provide a bigger performance improvement.

These vary in price with an Ohlins being very dear at from memory about $1800.00 installed down to about $1300.00 for a good after market shock of lesser quality like a Hagon or Penske, I can't remember what is the cheaper one.

If you rebuild the rear stock shock it will be fine but not offer as great a difference as a better shocker will, but it would be a vast improvement over your nackered OE item.

How about letting us know what you do and how you like the results?

DaveM :cool:
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that sounds very reasonable to me. I'm sure you will notice a big difference.

DaveM :cool:
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