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Hello Ya all, I got a project bike 2002 TT600 kind of came in pieces and was laid down. It came tank off, and a few other pieces had to assemble cooling system and fairings.

Following items have been cleaned or checked as working.
1. Fuel Pump, Fuel Injectors, fuel tank, and fuel lines
2. spark plugs, coils
3. Air cleaner filter and box cleaned.
4. Radiator and cooling fan
Today started the bike, it fired up and rev'd up to 14000 plus RPM, so i turned it off. Started 2 more times each time did the same. I twisted throttle to see if it would change RPM. it did not. When throttle is twisted the throttle plates respond accordingly. So its not mechanical. I believe its electronic issue. I ordered a new EFI relay. My thinking is ECU is working because it started. Any Ideas on what would make it rev up to max... w throttle not open....

Open or undone issue; My thinking is one of these must talk to the guess...any thoughts..
a 2 wire male fitting is unplugged and i cannot find where to plug it in?
a 4 wire female fitting is unplugged and taped up under fuel tank and not sure where or what it plugs into

Thanks would appreciate any guidance or thoughts on the issue. Paul

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