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G'day folks.

I have been considering the longer term consumables on the bike and wondering how long they last. I've got just over 50K kilometers (about 30K miles) The bike is serviced on schedule, but if you believe some of the reports, I ride it pretty hard and am not gentle with it. Most of my riding is out in the country where spares are non existent...

I still have the original:

Throttle cable - Works and feels great
Clutch cable - Still feels like new
Steering head bearings - no movement or notchyiness
Front wheel bearings
F & R Brake M/C and hoses - No external signs of deterioration
Within spec ( not adjusted yet ) valves
All the electrics, relays, wiring, etc, etc, are original
( Still have the original rear bulks after 4 1/2 years )

Without getting crazy on this - on same usage or more 02 to 04's what was needed to be replaced when ?? either mileage or age, maybe because of your location ??


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Hey Harry,

Heres a list of the things that were done on my 99 ST outside of the regular consumables.

48860 kms New front wheel bearings.
70098 Clutch armature seal.
74500 New headstock bearings
77156 New front brakes discs
85000 New clutch cable

This bike lived outside, under a cover close to the beach, so even though I was fussy about cleaning and maintaining it I reckon they hold up quite well with high mileage.

About the only thing I would suggest is getting a clutch cable and taping it to the exiting one. Its takes five minutes to change them over but its a real***** when you dont have one.


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Hello Harry;

I had my '02 ST until September last year - and had 89000 km on it when I sold it.

The only thing apart from a clutch cable at about 60K happened about a week after I sold it. The battery decided to quit after 5 years.

Charlie was going to replace the cam chain at 100 K.

As Brett said, they hold up very well.



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Seems to be a common thread, had to replace the clutch cable on my 00 Sprint after 8,000klm (half the strands broke on a ride, just made it home with about 2 strands remainig)

Other than that no problems in 4 years.

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Hi ya Harry,

I've got an 03 with 62k on it. The clutch cable went last week. From memory the clutch cable went on my old GSXF at around 60k as well. It won't happen again... I'll change them every 59k from now on!


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Heh Harry good post.

Mine has just over 50K on it. I really want a new bike (Tiger 1050?) but I fear it won't happen, so I may just have to keep it for some time. And like you I do a lot of riding in pretty remote country areas.
Like you also, I've had no real issues at all. I did replace the ignition barrel about 3 months ago but I'm not sure it was the bikes fault. More like some apprentice "routing" the electrical cables incorrectly after refitting the tank. Oh, and i even have the original battery. Yes 7 years old. Tested and good. Lot to be said for being able to switch the headlights off!

Coming down from Charlottes Pass on my last ride I thought I detected a bit of pulsing through the front brake indicating I may have a rotor issue developing. I will change the coolant this winter (we really have a winter where I live). I THINK my bearings are okay. Might just have to take her in and get her checked out thoroughly. My problem with that is though: Who do you trust?

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Hello folks.

Seems clutch and throttle cables are the first to wear out. I have a mate with a "device" that enables you to disconnect the cables a the bar end, fit the device up to the cables and spray cable lube direct into the cable outer until it weeps out the bottom - well I saw that on the clutch - not sure about the throttle..

Both on mine feel as good as new xx

Rear hub bearings are OK... now :mad: ... That's a whole other story....

I may follow Brett's advice about the spare clutch cable - seems that's the only thing that is likely to go - but have ridden a few bikes home with no clutch cable - not easy, but not impossible - traffic permitting.

Thx guys.. seems we are on a winner for longevity...

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My '99 had 105,000km on it when I pranged it and nothing in particular had worn out. Orig clutch & throttle cables! Used a bit of oil though.

My '02 has 50,000km and is in fine fettle, erm, other than the mysterious broken crankshaft... I too lost a clutch cable, and got to work and back home again without it :hammer: On the advice of the guy in the shop I checked for the cable coming cleanly out of the surround at the engine end and it wasn't. A bit of 'adjustment' and the new cable doesn't foul anything and should last a bit longer. I oil my cables from the handle end with a syringe.

Adjustment achieved by bending the bracket with a shifter.

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On 2007-02-27 07:07, clockwatcher wrote:
Cable Lube Tool
I tried using that ***** on some Triumph throttle cables. I gave up after wearing more of the lube that what went into the cable.

I put 45k miles on a '99 ST that had all it's original bearings in it when I traded it off. I believe it had it's original cables too. Warped to nearly out of spec front rotors replaced around 32k miles. Replaced front pads around 40k miles. Original rear brake pads. Original brake lines. A couple valves(never more than 3) needed adjusting a few times.

The '02 I have now has around 77k miles on it. Original bearings in swingarm, head, and front wheel. The rear was replaced under recall around 32k miles. Front brake pads changed around 35k miles. Changed front rotors around the same time as they were almost out of spec warped. Orginal rear brake pads and all the lines. Though that is changing soon as I am going to rebuild the calipers and front mastercyl. The front brakes are dragging heavily. I did have a clutch cable almost completly snap somewhere around 50-53k miles. My own fault for not noticing the fraying earlier at the lever. Replaced throttle cables around 55k miles because I was chasing a glitch in throttle turn. If you let the throttle snap shut then turn it open there was a catch getting it started. Valves have been in spec the last 2 ckecks. I go through ALOT of shifter peg rubbers though :-D

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G'day folks..

Thx for all the replies.. just while the focus is on 99-04 Sprints - who has come up with the BEST front brake fix.. ( apart from replacing the whole braking system with a Japanese one...)

I have stuck it to T/Aust many times but expect nothing will ever happen as the bike is coming up to 5 years old now..

If I have to spend the money so be it - I just want good feel front brakes ( and people not asking "why do you have that rubber band on your front brake lever " )

Seems from the posts on the 05 onwards the definitive fix is to change out the brake pistons with Daytona 675 ones - has anyone done this on a 99-04 ?? What results / costs ??

If I have to pay for this myself I will try to recover the costs from T/Aust - but, at least meanwhile, I will have good brakes.

Just f.y.i. the brake lever travel is a PITA and could be dangerous but as I do mostly country touring type riding I can/have lived with it. If I needed the bike for every day commute, I would have payed to have this fixed long ago...

Appreciate your comments.
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