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G'day folks..

A big HEY to all for 2007. I had the bike out a bit over the Christmas break and did a some night time riding - don't usually, got my car, my girlfriends car, etc.

I wanted to rave about the power of the Philip's Vision + 50 bulbs. These are 55/60 watts, so no burned out wires.

I've got them aimed up a bit ( so I get good low beam coverage )
and was riding two up on near deserted twisty country roads. On high beam it was like I had a 2 x 100 watt driving lights - it was so bright.

I could see SO much of the road up front that I surprised myself at the speed I could do - comfortably, with great forward vision.

If you still have the standard bulbs - do yourself a big favour and get some - I believe only for the 99 - 04 models, the 05 onwards does not have H4 bulbs ( correct me if wrong )

I'm probably preaching to the choir.. You most likely all already have them - they are so bloody good...

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