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Hello folks..

I changed out my original 19 tooth as soon as I bought the bike.

Needed to change it and the chain and rear at about 20K KLM. I now have 65K KLM on the bike - so - second set has lasted + 45K KLM.

I regualy check them and there is still very minimal sign of wear on the front, rear and the chain.

I clean the chain with kero about 3 or 4 times a year and lube it with Mogul chain lube ( very little fling off ) about every 500 to 750 klms, - so - I am certainly not anal about servicing the chain.

We do a lot of fast 2 up riding mostly in the twisties , combined weight ( wife & mine ) about 135 kgs - I'm a liteweight at 75 kgs.

Anyone got more than 45K klm on a chain/sprocket set ? - How many more klms can I expect ??

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