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Did you try clicking on them? :p
LOL no..........

I see I see!

Well, I don't know if you made those sliders or if someone else did, but a slider is not every supposed to be nearly that long. If you want the ultimate street protection, street rails are the way to go. I've never checked to see if they are available for Triumph.... but I'm sure with a little know how and a welder a pair could be made.

The block looks fine, but that frame took quite a hit. I would be weary of welding because of the heat as well. You might get away with just bolting down tight on the mount, but if it was my bike I would find bolt the same size, wrap it in 1 layer of seran wrap, get some of that putty steel, stuff it in there with the bolt. After it dries, the seran allows the bolt to work out. Drill with appropriate sized bit, replace stud into head, and call it a day. That particular part of the frame isn't under the most extreme stress, but it helps with the overall load........
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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