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02-07 S3/Daytona/Sprint Sprag Clutch Replacement Option

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Replacement Sprag review for 02-07 Speed Triple and Sprint and 02-06 Daytona

Anyone facing a Sprag Clutch replacement for the models above is looking at a $446 price ticket from Triumph - that is because the original model is no longer available and in order to fit the later Sprag, the Gear from the 07+ Speed Triple must also be fitted.
If you have an 07+ model, only the Sprag itself is required as the gear is obviously already that newer one. Cost for Sprag alone is $240 for those models.

The Replacement Sprag + Gear Kit has part number - T1221112 (this single 'kit' comprises both parts Sprag T1221111 and Gear T1221110)

The new Sprag (T1221111) will NOT fit on the orginal gear

Old gear had part number T1221102 and new gear is T1221110

Old Sprag was T1221105 and new one is T1221111.

This image shows the Old sprag & gear on the left and the new set on the right:
Note the new Sprag is quite a bit bigger - hopefully that means it is also more robust!
Although the new gear appears bigger in the image, it is actually same size, 51T.

The old parts are simply not available any longer, because the original Sprag was discontinued and the new one will not fit the old gear.

I was looking through Ebay to see if there was anything from another make/model was similar to the Triumph Sprag, that might be a replacement option. I found what looked visually at least to be a pretty good match between that used on Hayabusa and the Triumphs.
The sprag is very similar - but not quite identical

As a low-cost test, I purchased this bare sprag - - only $22 to do a test measurement/fit
(note this is an after-market part, not OEM)

When you compare the two, the Hayabusa part* came with a circlip on both sides, while the Triumph has on only one side;
* note that I am talking specifically here about the after-market part - not the actual Suzuki OEM part!

The cage looked (& measured) almost identically - however the Hayabusa (pattern) part was JUST too snug to fit in the housing;
talking about a matter of thou here - I wasn't sure if it was the cage or the circlip that was causing slight interference - get the impression if I was to dress it ever so slightly with a file it would drop in cleanly; actually I dropped the cage in when dis-assembled so I think it was maybe the little tangs on the circlip that were interfering.
But I decided to take them both apart and swap the races over retaining all the stock Triumph parts other than the sprag teeth and spring;
so what you see below is the Triumph part re-assembled with the new race and the left-over parts are the disassembled components of the Hayabusa Sprag with the old Triumph set of 'teeth' (for want of better word)

Will it work?
Who knows - figured it was worth splashing the $22 to see if it would at least fit.

This image shows the difference in the Triumph part - no circlip on that face, just on the bottom side vs the Hayabusa part with same cage/circlip on both sides. Top one is the pattern Hayabusa part, bottom one is Triumph - if you flip the Triumph one over, it looks just like the circlip face of the Suzuki part.

Second image shows the Hayabusa part taken apart and the Triumph re-assmbled.
So that re-assembled part now has the after-market sprag race in there

I get the feeling that the complete sprag will actually fit - the inner gear has same number of teeth - note that you must get the 08+ - the earlier one does not have the gap (the Triumph has same missing tooth as the later Hayabusa)

Note - that image above is after-market Hayabusa part from same manufacturer of that individual race

This image below is an OEM Hayabusa part which looks the same as the Triumph part - note that is has the clip-on cover and that the metal race is not a split circlip! (i.e. same as the Triumph)

At this point I am pretty sure that at least the race is the same size - the gear appears to be the same size but cannot know without measuring of actually fitting;
the other drawback of the Haybusa part as a whole is the timing mark - however potentially that can be overcome with just a couple of witness centre-punches on the crank and sprag.
I would also believe that possibly a better option than the 'new' $22 pattern race, would be a used complete Hayabusa Sprag and just swap the race over without disassembling - I have a good feeling it will fit and the difference is size was due to the pattern part being 'not quite right'

I also noted, in looking at bunch of pictures on Ebay, that the genuine Suzuki Sprag appears to be the same as the Triumph one, in only having the circlip on the one side . So again, believe it would 'drop in' to the Triumph housing (which additionally would mean it would retain the timing marks)
I see a couple of low price sprags on EBay - that would be the next test would be an OEM part and see if the part either fits completely or the actual sprag will just swap into the Triumph Gear Housing.
A lot of speculation above, although some of it reasonable.

Here's one more OEM Hayabusa pic I just found on EBay - this one shows the IDENTICAL 'NW' & '->' markings on the bearing same as the OEM Triumph
(If you compare this to OEM one in the second pic in this post you will see the same marks on that)
In the pic below, you will see the arrow where that pink section of the retainer is located; and the 'NW' is 180 opposite that.

This is the Triumph Sprag

In summary it appears that a Hayabusa Sprag clutch has the same dimensional Sprag Assembly as the Triumph;
The low cost after-market bare Sprag can fit, but requires disassembly and rebuilding of the bare Sprag itself;
A better option is to use an OEM Haybusa Sprag and swap the Sprag Bearing assembly into the Triumph Housing - note this has NOT been confirmed at time of writing, but I have reasonable confidence it will fit.
Downside of a used Haybusa part is its unknown condition - but with prices from $35 - $65 on EBay, might be worth the risk especially from reputable breaker with good return policy. A new hayabusa Sprag (OEM) is ~ $192 at discount Suzuki parts dealer (comprises Sprag plus Gear plus bearing - take notice of that price Triumph!!!)
And while I'm whining about Triumph prices - that Sprag Gear bearing - $50 Triumph, $21 Suzuki (both prices BikeBandit)

Finally please note that NEITHER of these options has actually been tested for operation in a Triumph engine.
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To swap between the OEM (important) Hayabusa and Triumph Housings:
(this is easier than the deeper disassembly I did with the $22 after-market part)

Both parts look like this

Pop the retainer off (just clipped on) both items

Swap the Sprag Race assembly from the Suzuki into the Triumph.

Clip the retainer back on.

Install the New Hybrid back into the bike and test it! :D
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Wow you're doing fantastic work here. I'm amazed how similar these parts are - looking at the OEM Suzuki and Triumph sprags, there's a good probability they run off the same production line.

One of the biggest shocks in running my 2005 versus the Jap bikes I've owned previously is the cost of parts - Triumph is a joke with parts cost.

I love that you're still working on this stuff for our older bikes. Definitely bookmarking this page.
I'd be willing to try it out. Do you have a link to the ebay partyou think would fit?
tihs one has the extra set of teeth:
What was the outcome of the test? Did the Suzuki part work?
I can confirm that the direct swap of the OEM 'busa sprag assembly drops right in, and the bike is happy as a clam. I ordered a couple of the $22 bearings and I'm going to swap them into the original assembly and will let folks know if that seems to bolt up...likely not going to install it, as we're coming up on riding season, and it's working great...but I'll have it on the shelf and ready to go.

Thanks for the stellar DEcosse, as it has saved me a ton of $$ and frustration.
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Awesome, so glad someone followed through with this. This could have saved a lot of people a lot of money.
Thanks so much for this work! Any replacement options for the sprag clutch #1221111and / or sprag gear #T1221110 (the updated ones)? I broke a couple teeth on the sprag gear, and $194.60 hurts for just the gear...

Sweet! Is this worth adding to the Repairs/Upgrades/etc sticky?
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Will this work on older bikes? T509 97 triple?
No, sorry - completely different on the older one, which is INSIDE the cases.
DEcosse, really appreciate your tips and excellent expertise on here. Thank you. Time to upgrade the sprag on my 05 due to hot starting probs but not to chuffed about having to spend the 400 euros on the upgraded assy. This post looked very interesting but all the pics of hayabusa Sprag assy new and breaker parts that I find are showing 44 teeth but we need 51? (found this one in Holland for 155 euros but question is will it fit?
Did you have a particular hayabusa year that you looked at or am I stupid? Your input would be mighty fine and save me a ton. Thank you good man.
The 44 vs 51 refers to the gear ......
You DO NOT use the gear - you ONLY use the sprag clutch which bolts ONTO the gear and you MUST use the Triumph gear.
i.e. the Sprag is the same but the Suzuki gear is NOT.

What IS important is that you get the correct year of sprag clutch for the INSIDE gear regarding the space for the shaft for the 'missing' tooth.
So you must get the 08+ model (up to 08 does not have the missing tooth)

You should also note that if you swap the whole Sprag clutch, you will no longer have the correct timing marks on the Sprag casing.
So you should take some additional steps to mark it (turn the engine to the mark before you remove the Triumph one, then when you install the Suzuki one, mark the cover at the corresponding mark)
You MUST do this to ensure future Valve adjustments can be done
The alternative is the process I described, whereby you remove the sprag race from the Suzuki and swap it into the Triumph race; that way you will retain the original Triumph timing marks on the sprag case.
(if you go this route then it does not matter whether you get the pre 08 or 08+ version)
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Thanks DEcosse, That's made it clear. I appreciate it.
So I can confirm the Suzuki Sprag is a direct swap fit. The Triumph crank cover gasket came today so I buttoned her back up and perfect engagement.
Wow, what a savings over buying the Triumph kit!

I started it up, let it get hot and restarted with no problems ten times or so. Rode around the neighborhood switched off and hit the starter a few times and so far, awesome!

Since I did not have the starting problem a hundred percent of the time, I will provide updates after I start and stop over then next week or so but so far, I believe my starting problem is solved with a Suzuki sprag.

Incredible. Seems to me, anyone that can change a front wheel on a 955i can swap out the sprag. All and all to take it apart and reassemble it took well under two hours with a hand handicapped with a beer.

I have a trip to Tail of the Dragon in a couple of weeks and have other maintenance to complete (breaks, plugs and fluids).

When I get back I will pull the insides out of the Suzuki sprag and put it in the Triumph case with the Triumph timing marks. I pulled the clip off the Triumph one (very easy) and believe the Suzuki will drop right in. I just don't want to mess with it before the trip.

I look forward to posting an update and step by step instructions in the Sprag thread.

Decosse, Yet again, I can't thank you enough for saving me tons of $$ and giving me a DYI to feel good about.
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It would certainly fit the model criteria
Note that is an inexpensive Chinese pattern so take that in account.
I would probably go with an OEM Suzuki part myself but it's cheap enough you can try & see I suppose.

If you try it please report back with your results (whether good or bad)
I try this , probably better quality. I change that thin spring in bearing, but works only few days. Spring from fork seal, but i think is to weak. If spring from new bearing fit, i put it into my old bearing, because them looks fine. Of course I will describe the whole details here, but shipping to Poland can take a month.
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