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I just picked up an 02' Speed Triple needing some TLC. The bike was layed down on it's left side hitting a frame slider. The frame mount and the head mount both broke:eek:. Wow, I thought frame sliders were meant to help! Anyway I don't have the pieces so it's a bad deal.

I believe I can fabricate a frame mount but I'm thinking about replacing the head. Anybody ever had a head welded/repaired? Thoughts?
I was amazed when I looked for a head gasket kit and Bike Bandit has it listed for $350, another wow:eek:. Just the head gasket was $56, not bad, and I'm wondering if I need a complete kit.

So I'm looking for the following items for an 02-04 ST;
Footpeg assemblies-complete-left and right
Fuel pump relay
Right side side cover (I think these items were taken while it sat in the salvage yard)
Front turn signals L+R
mirrors L+R
cylinder head

I am wondering if I can get away with just buying a head gasket and reuse the other seals and gaskets? It's an 02' with 30K. Any experienced advice is appreciated.:(
Bill in Montana

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Welcome to Bill
Although you identified your location in your sign-off, please revisit your UserCP and fill that in your profile - year/model bike and location - these will appear under your screen name on the left, so useful so people can relate with better understanding of your specifics, or where to direct you for parts.
One benefit you get from the site is a discount at BikeBandit - click on the 'visit our Site Sponsors' link at top of the page, then the BB banner to find out how.
Quick note that we don't encourage parts wanted or for sale cluttering up the main forum - that's what the classifieds are for.
But I'll leave it for now since you have some technical questions - if anyone has any responses on the parts request, please take it off-line through PM or whatever. They will be deleted if they appear in thread.

Good luck with the resurrection!
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