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02/03 Crankshafts breaking - How do I check this guys?

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Hi guys,
I've been reading the post about '02/'03 ST's breaking crankshaft's:

I asked a question on page 4 but so far have had no reply (probably because everyone's busy - well it is Christmas eh?)

So if anyone's reading these post's, I wonder if someone with a bit of mechanical knowledge would mind answering what is probably a simple question.

I want to check the allen head bolt under the inspection cover (Crankcase) on the right-hand side of the engine (I have a 2003 ST).

Ideally I'd like to remove this bolt, clean it, put some Locktite threadlock on it, and re-tighten it to 53Nm to ensure it never comes loose.

1) Is this the way to go to ensure this bolt never comes undone again, or is Locktite overdoing it?
2) How the heck do I remove it without going to crazy lengths - I tried to loosen it tonight, but I can't lock it in place to undo it - what's the best/safest way to get this sucker out without breaking something inside?

Thanks to anyone who has a bit of spare time to answer this..

Have a great Christmas by the way . . . . . and once I get this sorted, I can spend my Christmas riding and playing with all the gadgets I'm going to get from Santa!

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