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  1. Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hi Everyone, This is my first time posting and after searching for about I couldn't find an answer to my question so here we are. I currently have a the power commander V installed on my 2018 Bonneville T120 Black and am in need of some advice for the map setting. It currently has a British...
  2. Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hi fellow Triumphistas I am a proud owner of a 2016 T120 madame, with less than 3' km, my first big ride ever, bought new. I have read a few things in this forum regarding the decat topic. Many different makes and models, and one that caught my eye was the Meerkat. The reason is that its...
  3. Club Cafe'
    Hello All, Does anyone know a bit about changing pipes on the new bobbers? I de-CAT'd my bobber and installed a free spirits x-pipe. Now I'm looking to change my pipes. I already ordered the straight pipes from British customs but after speaking with a sales rep, they don't recommend putting...
1-3 of 3 Results