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    Hi Everyone. I have loved reading everything on this site and obsessing over classic Triumphs for months now. I finally couldn't resist any longer and went out and found a 1970 T120 Bonneville in what looks to be pretty great condition - original paint, low miles (at least according to the...
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    I spent last summer fixing up this 1971 T100C Trophy 500, a gift from my father-in-law before he past away. Triumph of Seattle referred me to a local expert to help me work on the bike. Full rebuild of the engine, new carb, your name it we likely did it. I was able to ride the bike last fall...
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    I've been visiting this site for a while, but this is my first post. I'm looking for a new or working gas tank strap. Can anyone advise where to find one? Thanks, ... Max
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    Hey all! I've got a 1966 T100 that my dad left me. It's been quite some time since it ran, well over 20 years. I'm wanting to go through and rebuild it. Not so much a restoration as just enough to get it running. Then I'll think about trying to restore it. Any good reads or places to get...
  5. Classic, Vintage & Veteran
    Hello Everyone, I bought my first motorcycle, the above mentioned TR6R, yesterday and I couldn’t be more thrilled. That said, I’m not an experienced rider or gear-head and I’m just curious as to what some good tips for “newbies” are. Here are a few questions I’ve come up with so far. What...
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    Greetings All, I just purchased my very first motorcycle, a 1972 Triumph TR6R Tiger 650. I’m looking forward to learning about this beautiful machine and keeping her looking and running her best. I appreciate any tips and advice. I’ve already downloaded the owner’s manual, service manual, and...
  7. Assembly Complete by madtattooz

    Assembly Complete by madtattooz

    My 1958 Pre-Unit Triumph Chopper with sprung rear hub, assembly complete but currently not running. :(