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  1. Battery upgrade?

    Tiger 1050 - Mods & Workshop
    Hey guys, i m completing my engine upgrade soon and i wonder what battery should i use. Approximately 145-150whp (compression increase, head tuning, forged pistons etc)... I m thinking of using a lithium battery but i don't know how many CCA can stand my starter... Will a 300cca battery cause...
  2. Y2000 S3 Rear Brake upgrade question

    Speed Triple Forum
    Apologies if this has been asked before, I've a Y2000 S3 with the usual poor back brake issue. I'm about to strip the swinging arm to replace the suspension linkage bearings etc and whilst its in bits I'm thinking of upgrading the rear brake set up. I remember from a few years back that a...
  3. ZARD Exhaust 2-2 Full System Keeps OEM Cat Triumph Bonneville T120

    Moto Machines
    The ZARD Exhaust for the T120 is a hard increase in terms of torque, power, and sound! The ZARD exhaust consists of Steel left+right headers pipe, steel left+right silencers, and a fitting kit. The exhaust even comes with removable DB killers. Save nearly 10 KGs of weight by upgrading to the...
  4. Street Twin Owner

    The Welcome Center
    Hi team just traded in my 2012 Street Triple for a 2018 Street Twin. Had owned the striple from new so it was not easy but am loving my street twin after 3 days. Have the V&H slipons without the baffles and really love the sound compared to my striple with the large cans. Would like a little...
  5. more umph on my carbureted Thruxton

    Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Done the British Customs airbox removal and Predators kit a couple of years ago, and now ready for more power. Thinking of a carburetor upgrade and had the CR 35 in mind, but have read negative reviews on this forum... not looking to have a super fast bike. but would enjoy more power on the...