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  1. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hey all, I'm new in this forum and only had my Bonny for about 12 months. 2011 T100. Great fun bike but since I had a puncture last year the rear wheel loses PSI regularly. The tyres are tubeless and I plugged the hole when I had the puncture. I've put that 'Liquid Patch Puncture Sealant' in the...
  2. Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    The time has come to renew front and rear tyres on my 03 America, I was strongly considering Michelin Commanders being the best all-weather road tyre, however, availability is low and my shop has recommended Yokohamas' which are cheaper.. any thoughts or alternative suggestions?
  3. Biker Hang-Out
    Although there's plenty of tread on my Street Triple's current Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tyres, I noticed that their performance has dropped since Autumn temperatures in Canberra dropped. The tyres are 10 years old and I wondered if the age of the tyres combined with the road temperature is the...
  4. Hinckley Classic Triples
    Hi All, I'm looking for a replacement for my Tbirds' Avon 3D Storm tyres. Would have chosen Avon Spirit ST's but they are unavailable in my country according to Avon Website tyre locator. Would prefer same for Front and Back but will have odd treads if necessary. Any suggestions ?
  5. Club Cafe'
    Hey guys some background info: My set Perreli sport demons are done , lost a front tyre due to a road razor. Started shopping around went to the dealer and we checked the stock sizes , showed him the road cut in the front .We realied both the front and back tyres werent standard standard...
  6. Club Cafe'
    So I bought a thruxton with some beat up Perelli speed demons.There's a need a new set of rubber. I asked around at my tire dealer and he recommended going with the Kenda's. I was thinking about going Perelli's but I'm considering the kendas .However I could not find any Triumph owners...
  7. Street Triple Forum
    I have a 2019 RS with Pirelli Supercorsa II tyres. I've managed 3300 miles so far and still have a bit of life left in them, maybe another 1000 miles, meaning I need to replace them before I head to Spain this summer. My question is, what do people recommend? I like the Pirelli's but I've heard...
1-7 of 7 Results