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  1. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hey Everyone! I picked up my first Triumph, a 2003 Speedmaster the other day, and as I was cruising today my front brakes failed. I was able to baby it home and found out this bracket broke off. I was wondering whether anyone’s seen a similar failure, and if anyone knows about any options to...
  2. Classic, Vintage & Veteran
    Hi, The old queen is being dusted off for riding. 1970 triumph tiger 100. Started on the 2nd kick but have difficulty idling and after 10-15’ heads overheat and produce a white smoke (measured 320F). I read around here and took some notes to report symptoms. 1-High head temperature 2-At...
  3. The Welcome Center
    Hi everyone, Hailing from LA with a 1970 triumph tiger 100. All stock and 5k miles on the pro with a nice “patina” all around. Looking to ride it more often, right now it’s a garage queen. Looking forward to meeting people here. Alex
  4. Air Cooled Twins Talk
    I’m looking for a replacement motor for my ‘06 T100 (865) and hoping some of you fine folks can point me in the right direction. I see some on eBay between $800-$1200 but don’t know how much I can trust them. Was hoping someone on here might be in the know of a good motor for sale. I’m in...
  5. Club Cafe'
    So I bought a thruxton with some beat up Perelli speed demons.There's a need a new set of rubber. I asked around at my tire dealer and he recommended going with the Kenda's. I was thinking about going Perelli's but I'm considering the kendas .However I could not find any Triumph owners...
  6. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    can a efi head be put on a carb bonneville engine? Existing head is damaged beyond repair and cannot find a carb replacement for the right money but there seem to be more Efi heads out there. They have different part numbers but I cannot see a difference. Can I simply put an efi head on in place...
  7. The Welcome Center
    Does anyone know if the Street Scrambler Engine Bars will fit on the Street Twin? I really like the more understated look of the scrambler bars.
1-7 of 10 Results