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  1. 'Supercharge' a Tiger 900? (Tuning)

    Tiger 900 Mods & Workshop
    Heeeey! :sneaky: Purely hypothetical question to the wizards of Triumph-rat land... What is needed to supercharge a Tiger 900? How much "ka-ching's" should i hypothetically expect to sacrifice for such build? Please, do educate me in the secret arts of pulling more power out of 'the steamer'...
  2. Happy with my Keihins CR 35's from Bella Corse!

    Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Recently spent the weekend upgrading my 2005 Thruxton with the CR 35's. After reading up on them and discussing this upgrade with a couple of vendors without a clue, I finally contacted Mike from Bella Corse ( He was knowledgeable and said he would guide me through the...
  3. Dynojet CO2 of 11 oct 2008

    Dynojet CO2 of 11 oct 2008

    Dynojet CO2 of 11 oct 2008