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  1. T3 Sport / Touring Forum
    So i just picked up a trophy 1200, and I’ve recently had some trouble starting it up. It had been sitting for a few months with stabil. The last owner got it running fairly quickly and it was riding etc while i bought it. we were able to turn it off and on again a few times while checking it out...
  2. Member's Restoration & Rebuild Projects
    Hi All, I have posted a couple of times. I figure I will start and maintain a thread as I go about my project. A few things about this project: I have some mechanical experience, but never rebuilt or restored anything, or worked on a bike. This is my late father's bike since it was new. 1969...
  3. T3 Sport / Touring Forum
    Morning all, A few months back I managed to bag myself a deal on a non runner. I love a project and the price was so good I couldn't say no. I managed to get it running with little effort and then decided to fix the seized front brakes. I've rebuilt both of the front calipers as they was in a...
  4. New Member Introductions
    I spent last summer fixing up this 1971 T100C Trophy 500, a gift from my father-in-law before he past away. Triumph of Seattle referred me to a local expert to help me work on the bike. Full rebuild of the engine, new carb, your name it we likely did it. I was able to ride the bike last fall...
  5. New Member Introductions
    My father has owned his maroon 1966 Triumph Trophy since I can remember. He has fractured vertebrae and hasn't been able to ride for years. We have stored it for him in our garage and fire it up on occasion. Fresh plugs and gas yesterday, popped right off for a quick lap through our area. He...
  6. T3 Sport / Touring Forum
    It happened. A major mechanical issue reared its ugly head: a blown bearing on the crank shaft. After much discussion with several mechanics, to include Triumph dealership experts, it has been recommended that I throw the bike on a "$500 Mechanics Special" ad on Craigslist and apply that...
  7. Led lights fitted

    quick picture of 9w 12v PMMA Lens LED lights fitted to Trophy 1200
  8. Cabrito Restaurant, Linares, Mexico Trip 2/08

    We found this restaurant in Linares on our last night in Mexico for our obligatory cabrito dinner. They had to send out for our cervezas micheladas. From here we rode home by way of Montemorelos, China, Reynosa, McAllen and Corpus Christi. Four days, 1250 miles, about $250 apiece.
  9. MotoDiscovery Tour Group, Mexico Trip 2/08

    We ran into a tour group from MotoDiscovery (based in San Antonio, TX) finishing a 10-day Central Mexico tour. We saw them leaving Xilitla the day before. Nice bunch but since we were riding faster and farther, we didn't stick with them.
  10. Waterfall, Las Pozas, Mexico Trip 2/08

    Where's Waldo? (Top right)
  11. Las Pozas de Edward James, Mexico Trip 2/08

    This is the main structure at Las Pozas.
  12. Las Pozas de Edward James, Mexico Trip 2/08

    Las Pozas refers to the pools and waterfalls on the property.
  13. Las Pozas de Edward James, Mexico Trip 2/08

    Edward James spent 10 years in the 60's and early 70's building surreal sculpture gardens in the jungle just outside Xilitla. Currently owned by his former foreman's family, they're in danger of disappearing. Dali meets Indiana Jones sort of look.
  14. Balcony view, Xilitla, Mexico Trip 2/08

    View from the balcony of our hotel in Xilitla, Hotel Guzman. The pointy mountain is called the Little Saddle. The Big Saddle is near Monterrey.
  15. Side Street, Xilitla, Mexico Trip 2/08

    This street had steps. The tower on the right is the former house of Edward James, British fellow who built the weird scuplture gardens outside of town. His house is now a hotel/museum.
  16. Xilitla, Mexico Trip 2/08

    A local shop owner showed Lefty how to get into town without riding up the steep streets. He had a nice Beemer 650.
1-17 of 32 Results