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  1. Sold 2013 Triumph Trophy SE near Sacramento, CA

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    Sold! 2013 Triumph Trophy SE Roseville, CA 37,637 miles New tires and TPMS sensors ordered today. They’ll be put on by the dealer as soon as they arrive in the next week or so (Michelin Pilot Road 4s) Registration through August 2020 Clean title in hand Trunk Tank Bag Heated seats and grips Both...
  2. Trophy Fuel gauge slow to read

    The Welcome Center
    My 2013 Triumph Trophy SE has just develoed a new irritating fault. When I key on the fuel gauge reads zero, then after a couple of miles the fuel gauge begins to read. I know it takes time for the system to register a fill up, but it always used to read properly when keying on. Now I have to...