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  1. Hinckley Classic Triples
    I've been banging my head against this motorcycle trying to get it started by the button and I can't figure out why it's not getting power I bought a new right control for the handlebars I new neutral switch and I new starter solenoid and It still wouldn't start I'm not too sure how to find...
  2. Hinckley Classic Triples
    Hi everyone, I’ve recently damaged my fuel tank badly. If anyone has or knows were I can buy a fuel tank for and/or that would fit a 2001 adventurer 900 I’m willing to take it off your hands. Also if anyone can help me out by telling me what other models of tanks would fit my bike that would be...
  3. Hinckley Classic Triples
    Hi all, the thermostat on my 2000 Adventurer has failed and I can’t find one in stock anywhere. Has anyone else faced this and found an alternative? I’ve had the bike 21 years and am gutted.
  4. Hinckley Classic Triples
    So I have had my adventurer for about a year now, when I first got it there were no issues with oil literally dripping from the air box from the crank case breather. But just recently I have noticed after every ride there is a little amount of oil dripping from the airbox drain hose that didn’t...
  5. Hinckley Classic Triples
    Hi, I am once again looking at the reoccurring fuel leak through my carbs into the engine and causing all sorts of troubles. The bike is a triumph adventurer 1998. It looks like this started with the previous owner, I have had the bike for 3 years. The problem seems to be the petrol tap is...
  6. Hinckley Classic Triples
    Rats, Does anyone know if a NOS Thunderbird Sport Center stand would bolt right on to an Adventurer? I have a very nice Adventurer but no center stand and I have located a Thunderbird Sport (NOS Kit) Center stand. The Adventurer Thunderbird Kit is identical but the Sport version has a...
1-17 of 17 Results