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    Hi all new to the site and looking for bit of advice . Cooling fan not coming on .ran wires to it it works - crosses relay fan comes on . And fuse is fine . Here’s where puzzle starts Is temp sender unit screwed into head at left / gear-lever side crossed wires coming out of it nothing happens...
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    Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone would know what is needed to de restrict a current Model 660 Street triple, I have seen a 70kw Throttle on the triumph website and was unsure if that is all i would need and if i could haveit installed any motorcycle workshop.
  3. Street Triple Forum
    Not the best way to find out how well the ABS works but they are great (compared to the brakes on the 1993 Daytona 1200):grin2:
  4. Triumph Adventurer 900cc 1996

    Triumph Adventurer 900cc 1996

    I rode to Daytona from Miami Beach,FL on September 2014 because was the cannonball run, over 70 motorcycles makes between 1918-1930 Amazing Motorcycles!
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  12. up on one

    up on one

    03 speed trip
  13. Thanksgiving Eve 2007

    Thanksgiving Eve 2007

    The Legend in Sussex County Va. Rt. 40.