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  1. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Saw this on the new tool Tuesday add for Harbor freight and thought someone may be interested.
  2. Air Cooled Twins Talk
    Hi! new to the forum here. I have a 2011 bonneville with 100/90-19 on front and 130/90-17 size on the rear rim (tubeless). Not worried about the price, so what is the stickiest most confidence inspiring tire out there and what is the benefit of increasing the width and size of the rear and...
  3. Street Triple 765
    It's time for new tires and new options have become available since last I posted. Almost all of my riding is between 30-60mph. An example of the slower runs... An example of faster runs. What you can't see is the occasional gravel that liters the road on the slower run. I'm not sure if any...
  4. Air Cooled Twins Talk
    Hello all! I was wondering if I need to consider new tires for my bike. The tires I have have (Metzeler ME880's) only little wear it seems (the bike has only 3500mls) - but they are already 10 years old. Is it recommended to change the tires after that long time? Do they loose their grip or...
  5. Water Cooled Twins Talk
    Ok, i bought shinko 705s and had them installed on my 18 t120 today. Didn't feel like it was handling the best and was a little sluggish. I thought maybe just new tires im not used to it etc. Get home and gf says that textured center on the front tire is weird. I went to look and you guessed...
  6. Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    Been busy rebuilding an old Harley and noticed I’m due tires on my 2010 Speedy. What are y’all buying lately? I run Mich Commanders on the Harley, Bridgestone on the Goldwing. Like them both. Please throw me out some experienced opinions. Thanks all
  7. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    I’ve got a 2003 Bonneville T100 and recently relocated to Las Vegas from NY. Roads are well kept here but because little rain the roads build up oil slick patches and in the hottest months are white knuckle riding for me. I’ve felt my rear wheel slip often. Any recommendations for a hot...
  8. Thunderbird Cruiser Chat
    Does anyone know of a reliable source for tires and tubes for the LT? I just purchased a very nice 2014 and discovered it is running on the original OEM tires at 11,800 miles. Those things were made in 2013 (4913 date code). I understand the options are a bit limited on actual brands and models...
  9. Club Cafe'
    Hey guys some background info: My set Perreli sport demons are done , lost a front tyre due to a road razor. Started shopping around went to the dealer and we checked the stock sizes , showed him the road cut in the front .We realied both the front and back tyres werent standard standard...
  10. Club Cafe'
    So I bought a thruxton with some beat up Perelli speed demons.There's a need a new set of rubber. I asked around at my tire dealer and he recommended going with the Kenda's. I was thinking about going Perelli's but I'm considering the kendas .However I could not find any Triumph owners...
  11. Water Cooled Twins Talk
    Hey team. Has anyone put nobbies on their street twin. I am having a hard time finding dirt/adv tires in the right size so looking to hear how others did it and how it feels now. Thanks in advance. Oh and here is what I am working with:
  12. Triumph Adventurer 900cc 1996

    I rode to Daytona from Miami Beach,FL on September 2014 because was the cannonball run, over 70 motorcycles makes between 1918-1930 Amazing Motorcycles!
1-12 of 13 Results