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  1. Tiger Chat
    Hello, Tiger Riders — I picked up a 2018 Tiger 800 XTr last December with just 1,200 miles on it. Practically new. I’m looking to set her up with some luggage and am looking for suggestions. My wish is for rear top box that can hold a helmet for local trips and riding, and to kit her with...
  2. News Room - Homepage
    I've been waiting over 50 days for a tail tidy ordered from Mustard Bikes in Australia to come to Canada. It has been in the hands of Australia Post since November 15th and sitting at the Melbourne Airport since November 24, 2021 - cleared and awaiting international departure. I highly recommend...
  3. Tiger Chat
    Hello Tigers!! I'm looking at a 2018 XCa. I can almost flat foot it but would like to. Suggestions on seat replacement or dog bone replacement?
  4. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hey everyone, I had my 2017 Tiger 800XCx's headstock bearings replaced at a Triumph garage, but noticed this today. My thought is that this plastic cover should provide a tight seal around this area. Should I take this back to the garage to fix? Or is it even a problem that it's loose...
  5. Sprint Forum
    Howdy all, I've got a 2011 Sprint GT that I'm trying to switch to a non locking Gas Cap to after having a difficult time opening the lock while out riding. I'm having trouble finding information about the Cap on the GT's via online rescources. Does anyone know if these triumph six pin gas...
  6. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hey everybody, I was hoping somebody might have experienced this before and may have a fix. On a hot day, if I park my 2014 Tiger 800 in the sun, or even just after riding at lower speeds, it seems like the ignition gets too hot and won't detect the key so the engine immobilizer won't...
1-6 of 8 Results