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  1. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hi all, looking for some advice as a newbie to my own maintenance and troubleshooting. I just purchased a tiger 800 XCx and it started the first time, parked it in my garage and since then I have not got it running. I turn it on, everything lights up and it starts priming. BUT it won't stop...
  2. Tiger 800 - 800XC Mods & Workshop
    Hi all, we changed the 16 tooth sprocket to a 17 tooth to see what difference the RPM makes at speed on the highway. Here is the video we did if you are interested to find out. Thanks :)
  3. The Welcome Center
    Dear Community, I am a new member from Germany and have recently bought a 2011 Tiger 800 XC and did the initial service for it incl. resetting the spanner with TigerTool v2.5 (from I had a few topics I have discussed within a German forum ( about the fork (re-done...
  4. The Welcome Center
    Hi, I am all the way from South Africa and ride a 2012 Triumph Tiger 800XC. She has some basic upgrades that I have made (see below) and a few more in the pipeline planned. Exhaust (Custom Scorch Berserker and De-Cat) Video below. Install: Sound: LED indicators: ECU flashed Spotlights...
  5. The Welcome Center
    Hi, I'm registering here in order to try & locate spare pares for my 2013 Tiger 800 XC Steve
1-5 of 6 Results