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  1. Kicking the tires
    Hi everyone. I’m currently running a 2007 Tiger 1050 and I want to go for a new Tiger 1200 Alpine or 900 GT Pro but keep leaning one way, then the other ( see what I did there?! ) I need the bike to be good for 2 up short tours but also fun on my own. With the current offer of free luggage on...
  2. Tiger 1050 - Mods & Workshop
    Hey guys, i m completing my engine upgrade soon and i wonder what battery should i use. Approximately 145-150whp (compression increase, head tuning, forged pistons etc)... I m thinking of using a lithium battery but i don't know how many CCA can stand my starter... Will a 300cca battery cause...
  3. The Welcome Center
    Hi all new to the site and looking for bit of advice . Cooling fan not coming on .ran wires to it it works - crosses relay fan comes on . And fuse is fine . Here’s where puzzle starts Is temp sender unit screwed into head at left / gear-lever side crossed wires coming out of it nothing happens...
  4. 2007 Algarve Tiger

    Most important mod - Dunlop Roadsmarts Other mods - low seat, rear hugger with extended chain cover (Skidmarx), riser bars, wider handlebars, 675 indicator lights, 675 short brake and clutch levers,
  5. Tiger 1050

    Tiger face
  6. Tiger 1050

    Out with my wife.
  7. Tiger 1050

    Pagoda atop Mt. Penn, Reading, PA
  8. Tiger 1050 in MD

    Western MD ride.
  9. Tiger 1050 and Tuono

    This was a very fun ride through Central PA mountains.
1-9 of 14 Results