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  1. Club Cafe'
    Anyone have any leads or recommendations for a thruxton seat cowl? Either used or new?
  2. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
  3. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    I installed the Traxxion ar25 suspension in my 2013 Thruxton. It really made the bike handle so much better! Only thing is I still have the bouncy feeling at 45 mph on a what seems to be completely smooth road. I had new Michelins put on last year and it bounced. It also did it with the stock...
  4. RAT - United States
    I’m looking to replace my stator cover that got a bit ding’ed up, and I’ve come across many for older Thruxton models or similar year Bonneville models, can anyone generally confirm a year range of compatible covers or if the similar year bonneville cover is the same?? Thanks!
  5. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    First of all hello! So my bike is at 14k miles now and in the maintenance manual it says it is time for valve clearence check.. i noticed that a workshop has made a check at 9k miles with numbers written on a piece of paper, so my question is. Do i have to check the clearences or am i fine by...
  6. Club Cafe'
    Hey gang, got a question about tank swap on my 2020 RS. Do a search for tanks like this Triumph Gas Tanks for sale | eBay all kinds of goodies; I get that about ANY tank can be MADE to mount on ANY bike, but if I want to minimize headaches, are there any tanks that are KNOWN to be easy/good...
  7. Air Cooled Twins Talk
    Hello all, First of all, I have a tendency to be long winded. I apologize in advance and will make an effort to brevity. If you are someone who values details, you are in the right thread. I am finally making the switch from 1" to 7/8" bars and controls on my 2013 Thruxton 900. The cost vs...
  8. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hi everyone, I apologise if i’m on the wrong thread but I accidentally got a scratch on my bf’s Thruxton 900 seat cowl while moving things around and was wondering how do i “buff” this out if i can even do so? He wanted to preserve its original colour so sending it for repainting would be the...
  9. The Welcome Center
    I recently became the owner of a 2013 Thruxton 900. I'm new to riding in the US. I rode small capacity motorcycles (100 to 250cc) about 20+ years ago. Looking to learn from the enthusiasts on this forum.
  10. Air Cooled Twins Talk
    I recently bought an 07 Bonneville. It’s my first Triumph. Last bike was a CB600F. I’d like a more aggressive riding position / more cafe style look. Wondering the ups and downs between the oem thruxton bars with risers and a tracker bar. I have purchased both, so decoding which to install.
  11. Hinckley Classic Triples Picture Gallery
    Have read that people have had problems with this on another thread. What can I do to avoid any issues? I plan to get BC 1” risers. Anything else? Also does anyone here have an extra OEM Thruxton bar lying around. Looking for black. thanks so much, Hunter
  12. Moto Machines
    Evotech Performance has designed and manufactured a tail tidy for your Triumph Thruxton R T120. CNC machined from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. Powder-coated black for longevity. Evotech Performance has supplied a new LED combination brake, side, and number plate light. A new aluminum CNC...
  13. Air Cooled Twins Talk
    I am about to hit the order button but can not decide on if I should stay OEM or go to 150 rear and 110 fronts. I have a thruxton 900 and I commute plus ride on the weekends. I do not push it much at all. I would like the look of wider but do not want to throw the bike off and have to ride it...
  14. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hi gents, Finally I have decided for a new gauge the Daytona W on my Thruxton EFI 2010 - non can bus It comes also with the lights for indicators , high beam and warnings light So I have made a wiring diagram but I’m not sure for the MIL / Low fuel light circuit can anybody cast an eye on...
  15. Water Cooled Twins Talk
    I looked for any threads regarding this subject, searched YouTube (found Street Twin videos), Googled my question and cannot find anyone that has painted the chrome bezel and brushed aluminum dash of their T120, Street Cup or Thruxty. The chrome is out of place on my 2020 T120 Ace and I want to...
  16. Club Cafe'
    Hey guys some background info: My set Perreli sport demons are done , lost a front tyre due to a road razor. Started shopping around went to the dealer and we checked the stock sizes , showed him the road cut in the front .We realied both the front and back tyres werent standard standard...
  17. Club Cafe'
    So I bought a thruxton with some beat up Perelli speed demons.There's a need a new set of rubber. I asked around at my tire dealer and he recommended going with the Kenda's. I was thinking about going Perelli's but I'm considering the kendas .However I could not find any Triumph owners...
  18. TFC #107

    TFC #107

  19. The Welcome Center
    Hi everyone. while I certainly am a thruxton owner (bay area), more importantly, I'm the father to a mostly friendly black and white cat who loves nothing more than watching me wrench in the driveway. Thank you for your time.
  20. The Welcome Center
    Greetings all. I have consulted this site for research and information regularly over the course of the years and have finally decided to join - thanks for that - and take part as a member. I live in NW Washington DC, and have for many years now been without a car. My bike is perhaps my one...