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  1. Daytona Deliberations
    Hello all, I just bought a 98 daytona t595 955i. I've been keeping an eye out for parts suppliers etc. It seems like while these bikes are pretty awesome but just maintaining them might be its own hobby. What do you guys think? im not a major tech, nor do i have the time or interest in a bike id...
  2. Daytona Deliberations
    Hello, I have a 1997 T595 with @ 30k miles on (I have only done @500 miles since buying it 2/3 years ago as the tick-over is high, @ 1750 rpm. When I bought it I assumed it was a simple screw to turn the tick over down - how little did I know, how much have I learnt! I have trawled the...
  3. Daytona Deliberations
    Hi. Apologies if this has been asked before. Does anyone know if a T595 fairing will fit on the later shape (03+) Daytona 955i without too much hacking and grinding?
  4. Daytona Deliberations
    So my headlights were not working when I bought the motorcycle but the brake tail light / pilot tail light was working it had an old hid kit in there that was not working so I yanked it out and put H4 bulbs It worked fine with one head light so I disconnected the battery ( I bridged both H4...
  5. Daytona Deliberations
    Hi all, I am looking to get rid of the OEM rear fender, i am aware that there are some tail tidy's available. At the moment i am thinking of cutting the rear fender just under the license plate light , mounting a short/universal licensplate bracket and relocating the indicators to this bracket...