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  1. New Bonneville T100 rat here

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    Hello world. I just bought my first motorcycle at 32. 2009 Bonneville T100, 9k miles, new battery, new oil, and a tank dent. I bought it to ride out of the city, is that the most common purpose ever? I'm taking my training in Jan, and hopefully my license, insurance and new plates before...
  2. Got myself a T100

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    Hi all, This is ashwin from India. I just picked up a 2017 T 100. To give you a bit of history, i was riding a Duke 390 and found it too harsh/powerful. I wanted something very peaceful and linear. Tried a few bike. I come from the land of the royal enfields - live about 40 km from their...
  3. Fork maitenence and upgrade.

    Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hi. My 98.000km 2007 t100 started to weep oil from the fork. I decided to do some maitenence and do an upgrade to cartridges. I found a kit second hand, Bitubo T0010ABB09V1 , that never had been intalled . It was still in the unbroken package. Since i would have everything apart , decided to...
  4. New

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    New participant, 2013 T100, approaching 18,000 miles
  5. Greetings from Qatar

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    Hello Riders! I am a new rider, just got my used but almost new 2015 Bonneville Newchurch with 900km! I love it so much and I am so excited to modify it the way I like. I have already started looking for a new exhaust and I think I am going for the Predator Slip on exhaust but I am still...
  6. '66 T100 Owner

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    Hey all! I've got a 1966 T100 that my dad left me. It's been quite some time since it ran, well over 20 years. I'm wanting to go through and rebuild it. Not so much a restoration as just enough to get it running. Then I'll think about trying to restore it. Any good reads or places to get...
  7. Working on old Brits and new(er) ones

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    Hello, I've been reading on and off some of the threads and posts on this forum for the past several years. In the end I've decided to create and account and maybe contribute a little as well. I still have questions about carb jetting and tuning as well as some electrical and suspension...
  8. Hi All, newcomer here.

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    Hi all, long time admirer of bikes but a career in sports restricted me from riding. Now after a few surgeries and no more sports im the proud owner of my T100 black. Very happy with my first bike and hope to be able interact and absorb knowledge and know how from experienced riders. Thanks in...
  9. Hello and question about Bonneville prices

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    Greetings, new member here in Dallas Texas. Looks like a great forum and hoping to learn a lot. Question - Never owned a bike, but sorely tempted to buy a new (or used!) 2018 Bonneville T100. Visited a dealership recently and decided a T100 would be great. The tags on the bikes had very...
  10. FS - Gazi rear shocks BRAND NEW and parts

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts - Hinckley Classic Twins
    I have a set of new Gazi Sport Lite shocks for sale - and i'll include two other partial shock sets (for parts) - thats three sets of shock bodies however only 1 set is new and complete. They were for my 2005 Bonneville - These have a +15mm bottom eye (making it +15 mm taller than stock...
  11. New rider from Costa RIca

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    Hello everybody! The classic bike scene is growing fast here so I grabbed the best bike for the ride, a 2015 T100!!
  12. Hello all + T100 coolant issues

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    Hey everyone, Joined here to learn everything triumph... and I have an issue I'm hoping to resolve.... bummer I bought a 2017 t100 a month ago (just got to 400mi) and started having issues with the bike. 1st time was about a week ago where I just got off the highway and my coolant temp and...
  13. Daniel from Seattle: 2006 T100

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    Hi There - Purchased a 2006 T100 after riding a friend's. Everything was going brilliantly until I gave the bike a quick wash, when it started have idle problems. I played with the carburetors and got close, but then the bike dies or RPM starts to climb steadily to around 3000. I will be...
  14. ZARD pipes

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    Please can anyone provide details on how to fix the brake pedal and the side stand from hitting the Zard exhaust pipes of a T100?
  15. Intro

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    Hiyah, LA based 2017 T100 rider doing 1200 miles monthly. I’m a lane splitter during the week and love an adventure on the weekends. Read this forum daily and hope to give back soon~ Cheers! Phillip
  16. Ridge's T100

    Ridge's T100

    Lots of updates.
  17. New vintage triumph owner. 1948

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    Hello, I have recently acquired a 1948 T100 parts bike or basket case. I am located in Northern California near Chico. I am not new to vintage bikes however I have never worked on a Brit bike. I have been playing with antique American bikes for a couple decades. The bike I picked up is shy a...
  18. Differences between air-cooled Thruxton 900 and Bonneville T100?

    Air Cooled Twins Talk
    Just curious, I know that the 2015(ish) air-cooled Thruxton and T100 have the same frame and engine, and that the differences are mostly cosmetic/ergonomic. But does anyone know if there are any subtle engine or powertrain differences? Is the Thruxton tuned to be a bit racier or the like...
  19. Hi there! From the bottom of the San Joaquin Valley

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    I think I joined last August, just after I purchased my 1st bike in over 30 years... a 2014 T100 Bonneville. This is my 1st post as well. Looking forward to many awesome riding adventures throughout California, especially into the Sierra Nevada foothills (and maybe over the summits come this...
  20. T100 Garage

    T100 Garage