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  1. Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    Hey guys. I'm wanting to change the tank on my America but can hardly find any online anywhere, at least not the shape that I'm after. What is the best alternative that will fit an America? I'm guessing the Bonneville tanks would look too small. Whats the best alternative? Thruxton? Is there...
  2. Speed Triple Forum
    Ok so I'm doing the opposite of everyone because we'll I'm a rebel. I have mint 2003 speed triple 955i that I want to convert to a Daytona. Follow along for the ride.
  3. Triumph Trident Forum
    Hi. I am looking for some advice. The igniter on my ‘94 750 Trident has died. Browsing around, units for the 900 seem readily available, but I can’t find any for the 750. They are different part numbers, and I expect the differences lie in the advance curves, but does anyone know if they are...
  4. Speed Triple Forum
    I’m looking for a list of parts that a fully able to swap with a 2006 speed triple. Rear fender, wheels, front headlight, cooling system, seats, levers, risers/bars, rear sets, etc. I browsed for a hour and can’t find a full list of everything. Was hoping to put it all in one spot. Thank you in...
  5. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hey all, just got a 2003 speed triple. Love the bike hate the tail so I ordered a race tail from air something and got a subframe and battery tray from a wrecked 2007 S3. How hard is the swap. Also anyone had any experience with the Radient Cycles GP exhaust? Says it doesn't need a tune but Idk...
  6. The Welcome Center
    Hi. I have a Triumph T100 black top box rail kit, 2017. Would anyone like to do a straight swap for a like for like black grab rail Kit. The top box rail is immaculate and has no marks on it. Cheers!
1-6 of 6 Results